Flaming Thyrsos Tattoo

My new, conceptualised Flaming Thyrsos tattoo

I am once again basking in the post-needle glow of a new tattoo. Wednesday morning I spent three hours getting the latest addition to my body art collection, an image of the Flaming Thyrsos designed by my local – and preferred – tattooist, Donna Finney of Infinite Ink.

Originally, I went in with a straight forward request for the design: a central thyrsos, wrapped with vines and a serpent, the pinecone wreathed in fire and a Hekate’s Wheel ‘propped’ up at the base or ‘attached’ midway up the thyrsos’ shaft. It was this original concept that I believed I would eventually get tattooed.

When the time came to go and see the final design, I wasn’t expecting to see anything other than a more finely tuned, cleaner drawing of what I’d originally gone in with. However, what I was presented with actually took me by surprise.

The image in front of me contain all of the elements of the original concept I’d seen in my vision and yet it was not at all how I’d thought/felt/seen it. Going away from seeing it (even though I still booked my appointment) I mulled over what I had seen. It wasn’t my thyrsos…it didn’t look right, wasn’t how I’d imagined and seen it. Part of me began to wonder if perhaps it was the right thing to consider for my next tattoo, that perhaps I hadn’t yet realised something about the symbol and it’s use/purpose.

After about a week of doubts, something about the design suddenly made sense. It contained all the elements of the Flaming Thyrsos in my vision but it was flowing, in flux, less tangible and interpretable – it was the raw essence of a powerful, spiritual tool. Here I could access the symbols and power of one or more or all of the components, linking them to each other and to the Deities with which I have come to link this symbol – Hekate, Dionysos and Prometheus.

After having made this sudden distinction, it all made sense. By making the tattoo more obscure it was becoming more personal, more unique, more powerful. By the time Wednesday came around, I was more than excited to once again get back under the needle.

Once the transfer was applied I decided to purposefully not look at the tattoo coming to live until it was finished – even when I needed a quick toilet break I didn’t sneak a peek. During I listened to a number of tracks by Daemonia Nymphe on my iPhone and at one point I was on the verge of falling asleep (something that’s happened during my other tattoos too).

After 3hrs, I finally got to see the end result and I just couldn’t get over the vibrancy. I knew that it was right. It was now a part of me. I had a new outlook on the use of the Flaming Thyrsos as my personal, spiritual tool.

Next on my tattoo plan of action is to move ahead with getting  full, left arm sleeve with the Twelve Olympian Gods and Pegasus!

I am made by Prometheus.

I am liberated by Dionysos.

I am guided by Hekate.