Dionysos Bassareus

I wrote this little poem after meditating on the lesser known aspect of Dionysos as the “Fox God”. It’s a part of Him that has always softly called to me and the fact that Fox has also been trying to get my attention the last few months especially. Once I wrote the piece, again done in my usual “trance” style with no editing I decided to make it “pretty” and found a gorgeous image of a fox, creeping beneath some ripened clusters on the vine. Perfect!


Dionysos Bassareus “The Fox-God”

Oh charming vulpine Lord,

You who chases birds through the leafy overhangs

And pounces on rodents who threaten the verdant shoots of the vine.

Nibble haughtily at the fermenting fallen fruits come harvest

And grin with black lips at the noon-day sun.

Cry in the night, amidst the cool and fertile earth

Evohe! Evohe!

Fleet and quick-witted, you move unseen

Amber eyes watching from between the leaves

Secretly weaving the magic of the vine.

Protecting the harvest of your gift divine

The violaceous orbs

That draught called wine!

~Kenn Payne


I’ll Do Anything

Give me your smile and I’ll make the sun,

Give me your tears and I’ll turn them to diamonds.

Give me your hand and I’ll never let go,

Give me your heart and my love you will know.


Show me you are happy and I’ll sing with joy,

Show me your are sad and I’ll hold you close.

Show me you are there and I’ll stand by your side,

Show me your love and I’ll beam with pride.


Offer me your lips and I’ll press mine against them,

Offer me your frowns and I’ll turn them upside down.

Offer me your thoughts and I’ll listen with intent,

Offer me you love and I’ll treasure every moment.


Bring me you happiness and I’ll watch you forever,

Bring me your woes and I’ll comfort you fondly.

Bring me your soul and I’ll take you into mine,

Bring me your love, my sweet and our love will intertwine.

What is Love?

Love isn’t a number, Love isn’t a time.

Love isn’t a place and Love isn’t mine.

Love isn’t just yours, Love isn’t to keep.

Love isn’t to hide and Love isn’t to weep.

Love isn’t alone, Love isn’t afraid.

Love isn’t by itself and Love isn’t kept in the shade.

Love isn’t bound by distance, Love isn’t just a game.

Love isn’t merely a nice word and Love isn’t always the same.

Love isn’t a simple definition, Love isn’t a word in a book.

Love isn’t something to say to make someone feel better,

And Love isn’t always in the places you look.

Love isn’t many things to many people,

But something holds for us.

No matter what people say or do,

Love IS – just because…


Deipnon Praises to Hekate

Titan of ineffable beauty

Limitless power

Fathomless dread

The Black Bitch yelps in the dead of night

Herald to your arrival

Nocturnal, sepulchral revelry

Hounds, snakes and spirits

Greet you at the feast

Garlic, eggs and honey

Food for the dead and the twin-torch Maiden

A stark and penetrating gaze follows

The steps of the humble one

Whose back to You is now turned

Intricate features flicker in a slight smile

Shivers sent up the spine of the blessed kin of

Your benevolent graces

Footsteps quicken, as does breath and heartbeat

Hyena laughter ripples through the air

A sense of thanks amidst dread and despair

As the serpents of shadow and flame

Nuzzle affectionately at your neck

Black whelps licking longingly at your fingers

Shades of those departed

Serenading You in song and dance

Praise be to You

Queen of the night-wandering souls

Goddess of the Great Below

Keeper of the Secrets beyond the Veil


My Goddess! My Lady!

Hekate! Hail!

2012 House of Learning Creative Agon – Voting!

Over at the House of Vines, Sannion is host to a wonderful Agon! All the entries (6 poetic and 2 prose) focus on the theme ‘Celebrating Dionysos’.

I knew when I first heard about it that I wanted to contribute – anything to pay homage and praise to My Lord.  As often happens, it wasn’t until the last minute when I connected with my muse and what it is about Dionysos that I wanted to celebrate.

The moment I started writing however, I went into the usual ‘blank’ state where I’m not really aware of what I’m doing and then when I come to my senses there’s a piece of creative writing in front of me. I read through it – like reading it for the first time, like I hadn’t written it – and found I couldn’t ‘feel’ anything to change. Then I just submitted it.

Now obviously it wouldn’t be fair to point out which entry is mine, especially as there are so many other passionate and heart-felt pieces. I wish everyone the best of luck and encourage you to pop over and read the pieces and cast your votes!

For Hestia

Spending time at home over the festive period has made me appreciate those divinities and daimons who preside over it and keep us safe. This time of year especially is filled with cheer, homeliness, good food, company, family and more and so in honour of all these things, I extend my gratitude out to Hestia of the Hearth and Home with this humble offering of words.

The amber flicker of your flame
Warms the heart and opens the senses
To the sweet smell of cinnamon.
We pour out honeyed wine
First and last
And your fire dances in it like fireflies.
At the centre of our hearts
Do we keep close
The hearth flame wherever we go.
Freesias adorn your altar
Their floral scent pleasing to you
Scents in the home
Bread baking, coffee brewing
In these things are you brought to mind.
The sound of vacuuming
Soup bubbling on the stove
The whistle of a kettle
A spritz of polish
The snip and flourish of fresh-cut lavender
Dishes plunged into soapy water
The purr of a kitten
Children’s joyous laughter
The sigh of a reliable, old armchair
All these things of evocative of you
Oh centre of our home and family.
We gladly accept you into our home and heart
Benevolent Goddess who asks for nothing
But who is deserving of all given.

Winter Solstice Hymn to Helios

O sing of glorious Helios!
Handsome and bronzed son of Hyperion
Who journeys through the dark of the Underworld.
Gaia holds Her breath as the world waits for His return.
Deep below, Hekate leads the way
Torches illuminating the path
Key in hand ready to return Helios’ rays to mankind.

Helios, who saw the abduction of Kore with his all-seeing eyes
Stops to embrace the Daughter of Demeter,
Infusing Her breast with the faintest warmth of the world above and Her mother’s love.
Soon enough it will be time for Persephone to ascend
And with Her return, the world will bloom in joy.

In the crisp stillness of the night
Vigils and prayers
Candles and bonfires
Call up the fiery Titan from below
Hot on the train of Nyx’s splended cosmic gown
Helios is met at the mouth of the Underworld
By His rosy-fingered sister
Who embraces Him and rejoices.

Pulling on the reigns of His ember-fettered steeds,
His golden-yoked chariot soars towards the heavens.
Gaia feels the faintest brush of His warm caress
As Helios, still faintly shrouded in the mists of Haides,
Views both men and deathless gods, with piercing and glowing eyes.

Each day His chairot will pull Him higher,
His crown, splendid and many-rayed, will burn brighter.
Mankind rejoices the return of the Sun
Feasting and drinking as the Wheel turns.
Golden libation and spicy incense
Are offered to bolster Helios gifts and praise His return!

So now ends my song to Helios of the shining vestments –
Nourisher of life, silent watcher, saviour.
Welcoming back light and love to the land and our lives!
Raise your cup to the sky and toast His return.
Hail Hyperionides! Hail Helios!