Dark Moon Praises!


‘She of the Void, Creatrix of the Serpentine-world-soul. Queen of the Three-tangent realms’

Oh great queen of the three-fold way,
Goddess of above, below and between
On the darkest night are your revels held
The baying of hounds and the flicker of torches
Eggs and garlic, honeyed-bread
Left at crossroads – for you and the restless dead
Dread-faced lady of the mystery realms
Tonight you walk the earth with your horde.
May the thick, sweet smoke of resins reach your nose
The whispered words of praise reach your ears
The utmost devotion, love and respect reach your immortal heart.
Titan of ineffable beauty, thousand named, multi-formed
Twin black bitches flank you,
The glimmer of firelight illumines your form as you hold aloft your torches.
Nymphs wielding fire brands dance with phantoms in the shadows
As your Nyxian robe sweeps the land, cosmic radiance unparalleled!
Praise be to thee – Hekate, Hekate, Hekate!
Your name spake in threes – Hekate, Hekate, Hekate!
I am devoted to you – Hekate, Hekate, Hekate!

Image by Patrick Larabee (Artist Page)


Deipnon Praises to Hekate

Titan of ineffable beauty

Limitless power

Fathomless dread

The Black Bitch yelps in the dead of night

Herald to your arrival

Nocturnal, sepulchral revelry

Hounds, snakes and spirits

Greet you at the feast

Garlic, eggs and honey

Food for the dead and the twin-torch Maiden

A stark and penetrating gaze follows

The steps of the humble one

Whose back to You is now turned

Intricate features flicker in a slight smile

Shivers sent up the spine of the blessed kin of

Your benevolent graces

Footsteps quicken, as does breath and heartbeat

Hyena laughter ripples through the air

A sense of thanks amidst dread and despair

As the serpents of shadow and flame

Nuzzle affectionately at your neck

Black whelps licking longingly at your fingers

Shades of those departed

Serenading You in song and dance

Praise be to You

Queen of the night-wandering souls

Goddess of the Great Below

Keeper of the Secrets beyond the Veil


My Goddess! My Lady!

Hekate! Hail!

For Hestia

Spending time at home over the festive period has made me appreciate those divinities and daimons who preside over it and keep us safe. This time of year especially is filled with cheer, homeliness, good food, company, family and more and so in honour of all these things, I extend my gratitude out to Hestia of the Hearth and Home with this humble offering of words.

The amber flicker of your flame
Warms the heart and opens the senses
To the sweet smell of cinnamon.
We pour out honeyed wine
First and last
And your fire dances in it like fireflies.
At the centre of our hearts
Do we keep close
The hearth flame wherever we go.
Freesias adorn your altar
Their floral scent pleasing to you
Scents in the home
Bread baking, coffee brewing
In these things are you brought to mind.
The sound of vacuuming
Soup bubbling on the stove
The whistle of a kettle
A spritz of polish
The snip and flourish of fresh-cut lavender
Dishes plunged into soapy water
The purr of a kitten
Children’s joyous laughter
The sigh of a reliable, old armchair
All these things of evocative of you
Oh centre of our home and family.
We gladly accept you into our home and heart
Benevolent Goddess who asks for nothing
But who is deserving of all given.


Drumming in my temples,

Pulse behind my eyes.

Heart fluttering like a flailing bird

Sensation – mercurial fear –

Like ice through my veins

Tells me You’re near.

Cold sweat prickles my brow,

You chortle from the thicket –

Shadow and fur, unseen


Desire to run

But to where?

To flee –

Would You follow me?

Longing for the adrenal rush

A scare of ecstasy –

Dry mouth full of the taste of divine panic!

Hoof-falls in the gloom make

Hairs prink and skin crawl.

Fog of fear

Encroaches on the senses;

Reason long abandoned.

To continue

Explore Your power

Fear of wanting –

Wanting to change

Changing to be

Being free.

You show me the way with rustic charm.

Fear, fright, terror, panic –

To know You in these I am

Shown the way

To dance to Your pipes

As You lead me ever onward…

Io Pan!