I’ll Do Anything

Give me your smile and I’ll make the sun,

Give me your tears and I’ll turn them to diamonds.

Give me your hand and I’ll never let go,

Give me your heart and my love you will know.


Show me you are happy and I’ll sing with joy,

Show me your are sad and I’ll hold you close.

Show me you are there and I’ll stand by your side,

Show me your love and I’ll beam with pride.


Offer me your lips and I’ll press mine against them,

Offer me your frowns and I’ll turn them upside down.

Offer me your thoughts and I’ll listen with intent,

Offer me you love and I’ll treasure every moment.


Bring me you happiness and I’ll watch you forever,

Bring me your woes and I’ll comfort you fondly.

Bring me your soul and I’ll take you into mine,

Bring me your love, my sweet and our love will intertwine.


What is Love?

Love isn’t a number, Love isn’t a time.

Love isn’t a place and Love isn’t mine.

Love isn’t just yours, Love isn’t to keep.

Love isn’t to hide and Love isn’t to weep.

Love isn’t alone, Love isn’t afraid.

Love isn’t by itself and Love isn’t kept in the shade.

Love isn’t bound by distance, Love isn’t just a game.

Love isn’t merely a nice word and Love isn’t always the same.

Love isn’t a simple definition, Love isn’t a word in a book.

Love isn’t something to say to make someone feel better,

And Love isn’t always in the places you look.

Love isn’t many things to many people,

But something holds for us.

No matter what people say or do,

Love IS – just because…