New Moon, Full Moon…Time Flies!

November's Full Moon, shining bright above Coventry

So I haven’t posted for a little while again, mostly because this last week I put my back out whilst moving some furniture whilst attempting to rearrange my temple area. During that time I was laid up in bed on painkillers and muscle-relaxants which were fairly trippy but left me semi-conscious and so the week flew by.

Before then though I had marked the Deipnon, Noumenia but as I was approaching the road to recovery the Full Moon came around too so I attempted to mark it with my Covenant-based Rite of the Full Moon.

This November’s Full Moon marked the first year anniversary since the founding of the Covenant of Hekate and as part of my creative votive offering for the Rite I decided to try baking and decorating an anniversary cake.

I decided to make a marble cake of chocolate fudge and madeira (which I added vanilla and almong extracts too). I tried to create a tricolour marble affect by separating off part of the madeira mix and adding red food colouring but unfortunately this mostly baked out.

Either way, once the cake was baked and cooled I levelled it off and iced it in red and black, creating the CoH symbol centrally with white icing (picking out the equal cross and seven-rayed stars with red/black offcuts). I also picked out the edge of the cake will edible silver ball decorations.

The cake was baked/decorated with intent throughout and the first slice (though I was a tad loath to spoil it) was given – naturally – to Hekate as an offering. I only wished I was more local to some of my Covenant brothers and sisters to be able to share in my creation but I’m sure I’ll repeat a similar endeavour in the future where that will be possible. For the record though, it is rather yummy though I think making it as a sandwhich cake next time would add to the nicety and give it added moisture.

CoH Anniversary Cake

Future posts coming include a couple of book reviews, details/photos of a belated (due to my back) Lampteria celebration, poetry and more!

Hail & Praise the Gods!

Full Moon Musings

This month’s Full Moon was as usual marked by the Covenant of Hekate’s Rite of the Full Moon. At first, I was a little unsure regarding my creative votive offering but over the course of the day leading up to the rite I started doodling and had a preliminary sketch for what I had dubbed “Hekate’s Key”.

I’m not sure if it’s merely a creative/artistic offering, a meditative aid, spiritual tool or future tattoo design! The Key contains lots of symbols from snakes, crescent moons, howling dogs and Hekate’s Wheel so I’m interested to see what it develops into.

During the Rite, I also consecrated the phylactery I made at the New Moon, which I have been wearing since. I also drew a card from the Rider-Waite Tarot in relation to Tara Sanchez’s chapter on using the major arcana in relation to Hekate’s many facets.

Rite of the Full Moon - Hail Hekate!

This time I drew The Sun which was very positive and gave me the clarification that Hekate is still strongly guiding me along and I will leave this card out on my shrine to meditate upon until the next full moon. I also drew a card from the Mythic Oracle for a general insight into the month ahead and selected Aphrodite-Beauty which linked nicely to my recent attempts this last week at improving my lifestyle to try and finally – successfully – loose weight using Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It serves as a reminder to ensure I’m doing it for the right reasons, correctly and – most importantly – for myself.

One thing of note, was that during the rite the myrrh resin that I usually burn didn’t want to know. It didn’t smoulder or smoke and the smell wasn’t very prominent.  Curiously, at least one other person I know experienced a similar occurrence.

I placed my offerings of an apple, pomegranate and garlic on the shrine and poured a libation of mead before closing up the rite.

In other news, I have been musing over a couple of Oracles I have received regarding my spiritual practice/advancement, working on a Hekate ritual to carry out at Samhain, looking at taking up yoga and still having my Flaming Thyrsos tattoo designed.

Full Moon Musings

I’ve decided to start up this little “feature” every Full Moon, which I suppose will be a all-purpose post that will include anything and everything that springs to mind that hasn’t already been written about in a previous post or that will be explored further in future posts.

So firstly, inspired by something I read on another blog (House of Vines I believe), I want to try and consider Hekate’s epithets individually from both historical and personal perspectives.

I’ve also got a couple of craft projects in the pipeline which I hope to post pics and info about as they get started (hopefully during this week).

This Full Moon, I was away visiting my parent’s in Cornwall. I spent the day with my partner, Darren, in Boscastle where I enjoyed a walk around and spent some time sitting up by the cliffs in the high and bracing winds, watching the crashing waves as the sun came out. This short period struck me as the Earth, Sky and Sea aspect of Hekate and mentally I envisioned myself up on the highest, most precarious clifftop, calling out to Hekate.

After a mooch about the Museum of Witchcraft (one of my favourite places), a little retail therapy and a hot pasty we came home where I could prepare to mark the Harvest Moon.

When I started my Full Moon Ritual, not a single second after lighting the main Hekate candle did dogs start barking and the clouds parted to reveal a radiant silver orb; the light filtering through the skylight window. Offerings of incense, wine, grapes, olives and an egg left me with a sense of balance and the divination that followed also reflected this and hinted at the start of a new cycle.

I feel that interesting things are afoot…