Dionysos Bassareus

I wrote this little poem after meditating on the lesser known aspect of Dionysos as the “Fox God”. It’s a part of Him that has always softly called to me and the fact that Fox has also been trying to get my attention the last few months especially. Once I wrote the piece, again done in my usual “trance” style with no editing I decided to make it “pretty” and found a gorgeous image of a fox, creeping beneath some ripened clusters on the vine. Perfect!


Dionysos Bassareus “The Fox-God”

Oh charming vulpine Lord,

You who chases birds through the leafy overhangs

And pounces on rodents who threaten the verdant shoots of the vine.

Nibble haughtily at the fermenting fallen fruits come harvest

And grin with black lips at the noon-day sun.

Cry in the night, amidst the cool and fertile earth

Evohe! Evohe!

Fleet and quick-witted, you move unseen

Amber eyes watching from between the leaves

Secretly weaving the magic of the vine.

Protecting the harvest of your gift divine

The violaceous orbs

That draught called wine!

~Kenn Payne


Askei Kataskei

ImageSo one of the main things that has taken up my time since mid-last year has been the role of editor for the official Covenant of Hekate ezine, Askei Kataskei.

The third issue has recently been released and so I thought it would be nice to “showcase” it here on my blog to give it a bit more of a wider scope for anyone who has yet to come across either the ezine or the Covenant of Hekate. I so very much enjoy editing the publication and putting it out their for the community; it’s a creative-devotional act for Hekate as well as my way of actively giving something back to the wider Hekatean community.

Issue #3 contains – as do the previous two back issues – a superb array of articles, poetry, images, photography and lots more. I was extremely fortunate to be able to interview author, priest and artist Shay Skepevski about the release of his debut book Lunatik Witchcraft.

There is also the amazing articles “Of Sex, Drugs and Pigs”, exploring the priestess/witch Kirke and “Oceanic Hecate” all about the somewhat lesser discussed aspect of Hekate and the ocean.

With 44-pages of all things Hekate from contributors the world over, Askei Kataskei is going from strength to strength thanks to the dedication and creativity of the contributors. We are always looking for interesting things to showcase, reviews, essays, articles and more and I hope that this little blog entry will bring some more reader’s and potential contributors to future issues of the ezine!

For more information on the ezine and the CoH, please check out the below links:

Askei Kataskei (Facebook)

Askei Kataskei (lulu)

Covenant of Hekate

Deipnon Praises to Hekate

Titan of ineffable beauty

Limitless power

Fathomless dread

The Black Bitch yelps in the dead of night

Herald to your arrival

Nocturnal, sepulchral revelry

Hounds, snakes and spirits

Greet you at the feast

Garlic, eggs and honey

Food for the dead and the twin-torch Maiden

A stark and penetrating gaze follows

The steps of the humble one

Whose back to You is now turned

Intricate features flicker in a slight smile

Shivers sent up the spine of the blessed kin of

Your benevolent graces

Footsteps quicken, as does breath and heartbeat

Hyena laughter ripples through the air

A sense of thanks amidst dread and despair

As the serpents of shadow and flame

Nuzzle affectionately at your neck

Black whelps licking longingly at your fingers

Shades of those departed

Serenading You in song and dance

Praise be to You

Queen of the night-wandering souls

Goddess of the Great Below

Keeper of the Secrets beyond the Veil


My Goddess! My Lady!

Hekate! Hail!

2012 House of Learning Creative Agon – Voting!

Over at the House of Vines, Sannion is host to a wonderful Agon! All the entries (6 poetic and 2 prose) focus on the theme ‘Celebrating Dionysos’.

I knew when I first heard about it that I wanted to contribute – anything to pay homage and praise to My Lord.  As often happens, it wasn’t until the last minute when I connected with my muse and what it is about Dionysos that I wanted to celebrate.

The moment I started writing however, I went into the usual ‘blank’ state where I’m not really aware of what I’m doing and then when I come to my senses there’s a piece of creative writing in front of me. I read through it – like reading it for the first time, like I hadn’t written it – and found I couldn’t ‘feel’ anything to change. Then I just submitted it.

Now obviously it wouldn’t be fair to point out which entry is mine, especially as there are so many other passionate and heart-felt pieces. I wish everyone the best of luck and encourage you to pop over and read the pieces and cast your votes!

For Dionysos

Hear O Dionysos!

Blossoming God, who bears clusters of grapes and Who is entwined around pillars!

Tree God, of the Marsh!

Heavy-laden with ripe fruits!

Come now by this, or any other name you wish to be called

And receive due blessings and praise in Your name!

Beautiful son of Zeus and Semele

Who’s gift brings both joy and madness to men,

I praise and honour you!

New Moon, Full Moon…Time Flies!

November's Full Moon, shining bright above Coventry

So I haven’t posted for a little while again, mostly because this last week I put my back out whilst moving some furniture whilst attempting to rearrange my temple area. During that time I was laid up in bed on painkillers and muscle-relaxants which were fairly trippy but left me semi-conscious and so the week flew by.

Before then though I had marked the Deipnon, Noumenia but as I was approaching the road to recovery the Full Moon came around too so I attempted to mark it with my Covenant-based Rite of the Full Moon.

This November’s Full Moon marked the first year anniversary since the founding of the Covenant of Hekate and as part of my creative votive offering for the Rite I decided to try baking and decorating an anniversary cake.

I decided to make a marble cake of chocolate fudge and madeira (which I added vanilla and almong extracts too). I tried to create a tricolour marble affect by separating off part of the madeira mix and adding red food colouring but unfortunately this mostly baked out.

Either way, once the cake was baked and cooled I levelled it off and iced it in red and black, creating the CoH symbol centrally with white icing (picking out the equal cross and seven-rayed stars with red/black offcuts). I also picked out the edge of the cake will edible silver ball decorations.

The cake was baked/decorated with intent throughout and the first slice (though I was a tad loath to spoil it) was given – naturally – to Hekate as an offering. I only wished I was more local to some of my Covenant brothers and sisters to be able to share in my creation but I’m sure I’ll repeat a similar endeavour in the future where that will be possible. For the record though, it is rather yummy though I think making it as a sandwhich cake next time would add to the nicety and give it added moisture.

CoH Anniversary Cake

Future posts coming include a couple of book reviews, details/photos of a belated (due to my back) Lampteria celebration, poetry and more!

Hail & Praise the Gods!

Zeus & Ganymedes

It’s been a short while since I posted last and that’s down to a number of things (most recently being my desktop hard drive giving up the ghost, limiting my online access) but I’m been looking through old stuff and come across a selection of pieces I wrote some years ago, early in my discovery and exploration of Hellenic Polytheism. Thought I’d share this particular piece at the moment. Enjoy!


Zeus & Ganymedes

Oh beguiling and beautiful Prince of Troy,

Whose youthful radiance fills my very immortal heart;

How can I be without thee by my side high in Olympos?

A King amongst Gods, I watch with sweet and tender desire,

The swelling in my heart more than any mere mortal could abide,

The divine ichor in my veins rises to fill every fibre of my endless Being.

Sunlight catches your hair and the contours of your body move with noble grace,

Shrouded in your royal robes as you go about your day unaware

That a God looks down on your splendour with elation.


And when great Helios and pale Selene have played their merry chase across the sky

More times than I care to notice, and dark-bosomed Nyx envelops the world in darkness,

I realise in my perpetually beating heart of my unceasing love for thee.

In your dreams I play my part, whispering to your ear my words of passion.

A god of such terrible force and thundering destruction am I,

But also gentle and kind, favourable to those I adore.

No longer can I endure this unending maddening desire,

So I send to you my love on an eagle’s wing.


The touch of down and feathers across your body melts your resistance

As into a slumber you fall, so deep and peaceful I am the only thought to fill your mind,

Up, higher towards the glory of Olympos you ascend!

Oh handsome longing of my heart, the clasp of the raptor’s claws on your exposed flesh neither pains nor marks.

The touch of the eagle and the warmth of feathers are an extension of my will,

As the clouds pass you by and Desire himself rests heavily in my chest, I see you brought before me.

You are my ever-youthful prince and I behold you to my eyes as though your mortality is more divine than my own Godhood.


In sleep your resplendent nature is even more gratifying;

Beauty so unforgettable I place you amongst the stars so that no matter where in the universe I may be, you will always look back at me.

Your chest rising and falling slowly, your downy lashes fluttering only slightly as you dream of me.

My touch rouses you as you rise to my hand and I lead you to take your place amongst the Gods.

Sit beside me; be enveloped by my strong arms. Let me see your sweet smile, hear your laughter to tell me you are happy

And taste the nectar of your lips.


I will keep you forever safe in immortal bliss; rest your head on my chest and hear my heart beat for you,

Know that my you have my grace and all in my power will keep you from even the most divine wrath that others may attempt to thrust upon you.

Freedom and love, passion and frenzy, desire and respect – these and so much more I give to you…

My exuberant Ganymedes.