Drumming in my temples,

Pulse behind my eyes.

Heart fluttering like a flailing bird

Sensation – mercurial fear –

Like ice through my veins

Tells me You’re near.

Cold sweat prickles my brow,

You chortle from the thicket –

Shadow and fur, unseen


Desire to run

But to where?

To flee –

Would You follow me?

Longing for the adrenal rush

A scare of ecstasy –

Dry mouth full of the taste of divine panic!

Hoof-falls in the gloom make

Hairs prink and skin crawl.

Fog of fear

Encroaches on the senses;

Reason long abandoned.

To continue

Explore Your power

Fear of wanting –

Wanting to change

Changing to be

Being free.

You show me the way with rustic charm.

Fear, fright, terror, panic –

To know You in these I am

Shown the way

To dance to Your pipes

As You lead me ever onward…

Io Pan!