Glasters Relocation Fund


The mystic beauty of Avalon…

Ever since the first time I visited Glastonbury a couple of years ago, I knew within two hours that this was a place I needed to be nearer to. I have come to know so many wonderful people and always feel “home” when walking the streets or gazing out from the top of the Tor. 

After recently visiting again and spending a lovely weekend soaking up the atmosphere, I once again found myself confronted with too many signs and nudges to ignore. From the situations and conversations that took place, I am now moving towards making now/the New Year the time to make that move and stop standing in my own way.

Myself, my fiance Russell and our good friend Rob are aiming to do this as a group venture; supporting each other in the process and we know we have a strong network of very close and caring friends and family. Moving will mean a complete fresh start for us and for me personally, I will be closer to family.

So I’ve set this page up as a way to gather together the funds to help with relocation costs. 

Now I’m not trying to set myself up as a charity for this, I don’t expect strangers or people who don’t really know me to “dig deep”; I’ve set this page up as a single place where my friends and family and donate money as an alternative to gifts over the festive season and for my birthday in March. Also, where we can deposit our own contributions as and when we can afford to.

Clearly if kindly fairy-godmother/father types out there wish to help, then Gods bless them and known or unknown we will forever be grateful for your help in making this dream a reality.

And so, if anyone truly wants to get me something I want this festive season, I have just one small request: donate to the “Glasters Relocation Fund”. I know asking for money is cliche and a little cheeky but rather than get some things I don’t really need I’d rather that people who care about me, help me achieve what I want to in the New Year – and that is relocation to Glasters/the surrounding area. I don’t care if all you were gonna buy me was a pair of socks or a £-shop candle, it’ll benefit a greater cause in the long run being put into the Glasto Pot.

Thank you!



Repost: ‘Boosting the Signal’ via ‘Two Charity Auctions’

Having just come across this post over on The House of Vines, I felt I wanted to also ‘boost the signal’ for this worthy cause. I know I don’t have that many followers on this blog but even if one person reads and finds this of interest/concern to them and puts in a bid it’s another step closer to achieving Galina Krasskova’s goal to help the Maetreum of Cybele.

I have posted two auctions on ebay. The proceeds for both will go (in full) to benefit the Maetreum of Cybele. This is a fully functioning, self-sustaining Pagan monastery (perhaps the only one in the US) located in Catskill, NY. For the past few years, they’ve been fighting the good fight, in court, against discrimination by their town, which objects to their status as a *Pagan* non-profit. Though they’ve repeatedly won in court, the town keeps appealing – driving up legal fees. I will personally match the end price of each auction and will be donating the full amount to the Maetreum.

Please check out the auctions here:

and here: