An Evening with Dionysos

Saturday night I decided to spend the evening with Dionysos, refamiliarising myself with his unique energy and celebrating his many gifts to mankind. I gathered together a good bottle of wine – conveniently called “Satyr” from the Seleni Estates in New Zealand – with good, simple food: grapes, figs, goat cheese, bresaola, rustic bread and some organic pate. Once everything was together, Dionysos was asked to bless the food and wine and I gave a portion in offering.

Good food and fine wine

“Eiresione brings

All good things,

Figs and fat cakes to eat,

Soft oil and honey sweet,

and brimming wine-cup deep

that she may drink and sleep.”

Whilst I munched, I mused and thought of Dionysos and trawled through pictures, info and blogs on the internet slowly building up a feeling for his energies. I found some new and sexy images on a particularly good image blog, Where Dionysos Dwells.

I then moved on to flicking through my books on the God; Walter F. Otto’s “Dionysos: Myth & Cult”, “Dionysos” by Richard Seaford, “The God Who Comes – Dionysian Mysteries Revisited” by Rosemarie Taylor-Perry, Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s devotional anthology “Written in Wine”, Andrew Dalby’s “Bacchus A Biography” and the latest addition to my Dionysian library, “Ecstatic” by H. Jeremiah Lewis (also known as Sannion).

A wealth of knowledge - but still barely scratching the surface!

“The madness of Dionysus is engendered in the vine and is shared by everyone who imbibes its miraculous elixir.”

The wine was warming and was soon coursing through my system which added a delightful haze to the evening’s proceedings. Reading up on history and experience and viewing pictures of that wild, raucous God, with the knowing smile and languid eyes. The Load Roaring One, laden with heavy clusters; intoxicating, liberating – He who has known the darkest depths of me, forced me to confront myself through madness and fear.

Hail Dionysos - God of revelry and the vine!

“A bull be, Bacchus,

or a serpent many-headed be,

or a radiant lion be:

hunt the hunter, Bacchus…”

I had such a lovely, lazy evening; like a symposia of one. I relived memories, both good and bad, was inspired in my future devotion to Dionysos, I am looking forward to upcoming festivals particularly Anthesteria, started to develop ideas for an experiential piece to write and I’m certain I’ll be making these little nights in with the Big Guy a regular occasion!


The Gods Who Comes!

Io Bromios! Io Dendrites! Enorches!  Eleutherios!  Bacchus! Io!”