I’m Getting Tired…

…tired of the elitism and jealousy in spiritual circles.

I’m tired of watching good people tear each other to shreds over things that any supposedly educated and mature person could work out amicably.

I’m tired of the fundamentalism of “I’m right, you’re wrong!” every way I turn.

I’m tired of allowing myself to be marred by the doubts of others.

I’m tired of the belittlement of things I hold close to my heart.

I’m tired of being considered a “sheep” or moron by proxy.

I’m tired of being part of a wider community that is snide and bitchy and no better than the faiths it claims to surpass.

I’m tired of having to choose sides.

I’m tired of the energy that is wasted by people who have allowed themselves to be tainted and twisted and then blame it on other people.

I’m tired of these people who will smile to your face, whilst concealing their envenomed blade behind their backs.

I’m tired of people telling me who my Gods are (or aren’t!)

I’m tired of the hubris of some people who think they are the mouthpiece of a deity and can perceive to dictate to everyone else what is and isn’t right. And alternatively, I’m tired of those people who pull apart those people who claim to be the mouthpiece of a deity. 

To be honest, the way we are going as “pagans” and “witches” we may as well all go back to Church because a lot of us aren’t behaving any differently than the people in the faiths we supposedly reject.

If people don’t like what I’ve said, or want to interpret it as a personal attack on them, fine – be THAT egotistical! This world doesn’t revolve around your big heads. 


2 comments on “I’m Getting Tired…

  1. I agree!! I have seen this behaviour too and this is why people withdraw from communities.Unfortunately it is self righteous ego manics with something to prove and just nastiness.
    When one walks with the dinine, you have no need to prove anything to anyone 🙂

    • I have never attempted to prove or disprove anything or anyone. That’s not my place to do so. But self-righteous egotists who take it upon themselves to do such things whilst not actually offering anything constructive back to the wider community, just irks me.

      I was walking this path before I reached this point and met the people I happen to associate with. I’m not a mindless follower. How dare someone tell me that I am wrong in my beliefs because of what I do or experience or the people I do or experience things with. IF my deity’s an evil imposter, then the “evil imposter” is rather better, getting people to pay their respects and offer devotion rather than instructing them in the “arte of bitchcraft”.

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