Catching Up!

So it was mid-March since I last posted a blog entry, so I guess I should do a quick round up of everything that’s been going on…

The end of March marked not only my 30th birthday, but also the birthday of my boyfriend and our six month anniversary. To mark this, we went away to London for the weekend. For me it was my first, proper visit to the capital and we had great fun (despite the weather) taking in the sights. One of my highlights (not including the sexy barmen in Soho bars) was standing next to a statue of Dionysos in the British Museum and seeing a gorgeous jug depicting Hekate.




April brought about my 30th Birthday Party! It was a riot and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was so happy to be surrounded by good friends and loved ones. I partied into the small hours, playing silly games, drinking and eating and taking plenty of pictures so that I have lots of fond memories. Huge thanks to my friend Rob too for his awesome catering skills – everyone commented on the buffet! At the end of April the boyfriend and I went to a Summerween Party, in fancy dress, where I got my satyr on!



And so now we are well on our way into May (where does the time go!?) The weather is turning for the better, the days are getting longer. Beltane saw me get crafty and create my own, mini-Maypole decoration which turned out really well. My boyfriend has now moved in and we are all lovey-dovey and sickeningly happy, lol. I have just finished editing and published the latest issue of Askei Kataskei (available for free pdf download) and fast approaching is the fourth annual Rite of Her Sacred Fires!

And tonight marks Hekate’s Deipnon, which I shall be quietly celebrating this evening after I finish work. But I would like to share the following, beautiful image from Mandragora Magika of our Saffron-Robed Lady of Hounds. Hail Hekate!



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