Askei Kataskei

ImageSo one of the main things that has taken up my time since mid-last year has been the role of editor for the official Covenant of Hekate ezine, Askei Kataskei.

The third issue has recently been released and so I thought it would be nice to “showcase” it here on my blog to give it a bit more of a wider scope for anyone who has yet to come across either the ezine or the Covenant of Hekate. I so very much enjoy editing the publication and putting it out their for the community; it’s a creative-devotional act for Hekate as well as my way of actively giving something back to the wider Hekatean community.

Issue #3 contains – as do the previous two back issues – a superb array of articles, poetry, images, photography and lots more. I was extremely fortunate to be able to interview author, priest and artist Shay Skepevski about the release of his debut book Lunatik Witchcraft.

There is also the amazing articles “Of Sex, Drugs and Pigs”, exploring the priestess/witch Kirke and “Oceanic Hecate” all about the somewhat lesser discussed aspect of Hekate and the ocean.

With 44-pages of all things Hekate from contributors the world over, Askei Kataskei is going from strength to strength thanks to the dedication and creativity of the contributors. We are always looking for interesting things to showcase, reviews, essays, articles and more and I hope that this little blog entry will bring some more reader’s and potential contributors to future issues of the ezine!

For more information on the ezine and the CoH, please check out the below links:

Askei Kataskei (Facebook)

Askei Kataskei (lulu)

Covenant of Hekate


One comment on “Askei Kataskei

  1. You do a great job! I’ve loved all the issues. 🙂

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