New Year, New Start

2012 was an extremely challenging year. Whilst there are a few small – but special – things I will be bringing forward with me, I don’t feel the need to dwell on the negative and emotionally tumultuous things that occurred during last year.

The one thing I want to kick-start again is my active writing and blogging. Not only was it a way to express myself creatively and share thoughts, events and inspirations with people, I also enjoyed it.

So now that I’m in a stronger and brighter place in both my mind and my life (onward an upwards, one day at a time!) I want to make a start on blogging again.

I have also considered the whole “resolutions” things, but it seems that to impose them is almost like setting yourself up to fail. So instead I have decided that I will just make gradual but positive lifestyle changes; some of which I will undoubtedly talk about on here.

So join me once again as I prepare to walk the Path before me and enjoy the challenges life has in store.


2 comments on “New Year, New Start

  1. Pixie says:

    Also, I nominated you for a Liebster Award on Pixiecraft.

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