Deipnon Praises to Hekate

Titan of ineffable beauty

Limitless power

Fathomless dread

The Black Bitch yelps in the dead of night

Herald to your arrival

Nocturnal, sepulchral revelry

Hounds, snakes and spirits

Greet you at the feast

Garlic, eggs and honey

Food for the dead and the twin-torch Maiden

A stark and penetrating gaze follows

The steps of the humble one

Whose back to You is now turned

Intricate features flicker in a slight smile

Shivers sent up the spine of the blessed kin of

Your benevolent graces

Footsteps quicken, as does breath and heartbeat

Hyena laughter ripples through the air

A sense of thanks amidst dread and despair

As the serpents of shadow and flame

Nuzzle affectionately at your neck

Black whelps licking longingly at your fingers

Shades of those departed

Serenading You in song and dance

Praise be to You

Queen of the night-wandering souls

Goddess of the Great Below

Keeper of the Secrets beyond the Veil


My Goddess! My Lady!

Hekate! Hail!


2 comments on “Deipnon Praises to Hekate

  1. Dean Dirge says:

    Beautiful!! Your passion and dedication are an inspiration to me.

  2. Wote says:

    I really like your blog, such inspiration for me ! Thanks 🙂

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