The Pagan Blog Project

I’ve not posted since my Adorations went up. I’m really thankful for all the kind words and praise regarding my Adorations to Hekate and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the other lists that have sprung up on different blogs to other Gods.

I’ve been thinking about my spiritual life in 2012, my relationships with different deities and what the next leg of the journey along my Path will entail, so that’s taken a lot of thinking and musing away from the blog and the outside world. Coming back to the blog this weekend I’ve still not been sure on what to write but catching up on my favourite blogs I spotted info about ‘The Pagan Blog Project 2012’ and although I’ve missed the start of it, I’ve decided I will be taking part (and undoubtedly catch up with my first week ‘A’ posts).

So, just wanted to check-in and let people know I’m still here and working on posts for the near future!

Hail and Praise the Gods!


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