The 66 Adorations of Hekate

After reading this post by Sannion I was highly inspired and moved to create something similar. Dionysos is very important to me but I didn’t want to rush in and make a ‘duplicate’ of adorations for Him (though I will work on my own set). So instead I chose to focus on Hekate.

Today I was kept awake by howling winds and a desire to be ‘awake’ and so I got dressed and came downstairs and decided to start thinking on my adorations.

Rather than give myself a set amount to write, I just started writing. I found it very empowering to meditate on Hekate and my life with Her and all that She means to me and oversees.

By the time the sun rose, I had three pages of adorations which when I counted added up to 66. I didn’t feel like I needed to write any more (at present) and didn’t want to force it either. Fairly ironic the number, especially the relation to 3s and multiples thereof which all link nicely to Hekate.

I aim to use this in conjunction with making more of my spiritual life in 2012 (one of the main focuses for the year ahead, of which I have yet to blog about) and so I give you The 66 Adorations of Hekate…

66 Adorations of Hekate

I adore you of the saffron robes

I adore you crowned with stars

I adore you lady of hounds

I adore you light-bringer

I adore you serpent girt

I adore you mistress of magick

I adore you gatekeeper

I adore you savior

I adore you keeper of the keys

I adore you daughter of stars

I adore you queen of heaven

I adore you of earth, sky & sea

I adore you seer of things unseen

I adore you knower of things unknown

I adore you triple-formed

I adore you torch bearer

I adore you lady of the moon

I adore you nurturer of youths

I adore you who revels with Dionysos

I adore you most lovely one

I adore you sepulchral

I adore you speaking from beneath the earth

I adore you crowned with oak leaves

I adore you night wanderer

I adore you worker from afar

I adore you queen of those below

I adore you friend of Persephone

I adore you averter of evil

I adore you soul guider

I adore you companion of Hermes

I adore you lover of solitude

I adore you sender of nocturnal dreams

I adore you mighty one

I adore you guide on the path

I adore you celestial goddess

I adore you splendid lunar star

I adore you highest honoured amongst gods and men

I adore you of the phantom troupe

I adore you dancer on the unknown path

I adore you world soul

I adore you daughter of Perses

I adore you far-shooting messenger

I adore you with eyes of fire

I adore you wielder of fiery brands

I adore you cutter of the cord

I adore you who stands by the door

I adore you dark mother

I adore you teacher of the mysteries

I adore you who delights in ritual

I adore you both darkness and light

I adore you most lovely one

I adore you of the sacred fires

I adore you who governs the spiral of life

I adore you sender of storms

I adore you titan queen

I adore you of darkest night

I adore you great she-dog

I adore you who bestows many blessings

I adore you beloved of Zeus

I adore you slayer of Clytius

I adore you drawn by dragons

I adore you only-begotten maiden

I adore you mother of witches

I adore you goddess of the shadow realms

I adore you mistress of life, death and rebirth

I adore you my lady


30 comments on “The 66 Adorations of Hekate

  1. Beautiful. Adding to all the devotions, invocations and prayers I have collected and written for Hekate.

  2. Interesting idea. You did a fantastic job with these.
    Hmmmm I may have to do something similar in adorations for Apollon…I am quite certain I can come up with enough.

  3. Vie Magique says:

    how lovely! I can feel the crescendo as I read. Thank you.

  4. Wow wonderful!! May I translate into Spanish and public on my blog? I will say that is you the autor and link your blog.
    I’ll wait your response.

  5. Bone Druid says:

    I love this! Beautiful and Inspiring!

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  10. This is beautiful and inspiring !

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  15. hecatere says:

    Muchas gracias por tu trabajo. Una de las cosas que más me han gustado es el “ritmo” que tiene, reiterativo, induciendo al trance mientras elogias a Hekate.
    Me ha encantado y con tu permiso, lo incorporaré en mi próximo trabajo con Ella, pues estoy segura de su entonación hace fluir la energía…
    Muchas gracias desde España.

  16. Sibila says:

    Gracias por este maravilloso trabajo. Al igual que tú, al leer las adoraciones me he sentido inspirada. Lo incorporaré a mi trabajo con Hécate. Saludos desde España

  17. Mois says:


  18. […] sito […]

  19. This touched me. It”s beautiful. (I borrowed it and cited your blog)

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