2012 House of Learning Creative Agon – Voting!

Over at the House of Vines, Sannion is host to a wonderful Agon! All the entries (6 poetic and 2 prose) focus on the theme ‘Celebrating Dionysos’.

I knew when I first heard about it that I wanted to contribute – anything to pay homage and praise to My Lord.  As often happens, it wasn’t until the last minute when I connected with my muse and what it is about Dionysos that I wanted to celebrate.

The moment I started writing however, I went into the usual ‘blank’ state where I’m not really aware of what I’m doing and then when I come to my senses there’s a piece of creative writing in front of me. I read through it – like reading it for the first time, like I hadn’t written it – and found I couldn’t ‘feel’ anything to change. Then I just submitted it.

Now obviously it wouldn’t be fair to point out which entry is mine, especially as there are so many other passionate and heart-felt pieces. I wish everyone the best of luck and encourage you to pop over and read the pieces and cast your votes!


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