For Hestia

Spending time at home over the festive period has made me appreciate those divinities and daimons who preside over it and keep us safe. This time of year especially is filled with cheer, homeliness, good food, company, family and more and so in honour of all these things, I extend my gratitude out to Hestia of the Hearth and Home with this humble offering of words.

The amber flicker of your flame
Warms the heart and opens the senses
To the sweet smell of cinnamon.
We pour out honeyed wine
First and last
And your fire dances in it like fireflies.
At the centre of our hearts
Do we keep close
The hearth flame wherever we go.
Freesias adorn your altar
Their floral scent pleasing to you
Scents in the home
Bread baking, coffee brewing
In these things are you brought to mind.
The sound of vacuuming
Soup bubbling on the stove
The whistle of a kettle
A spritz of polish
The snip and flourish of fresh-cut lavender
Dishes plunged into soapy water
The purr of a kitten
Children’s joyous laughter
The sigh of a reliable, old armchair
All these things of evocative of you
Oh centre of our home and family.
We gladly accept you into our home and heart
Benevolent Goddess who asks for nothing
But who is deserving of all given.


One comment on “For Hestia

  1. Very much the sort of modern language praise that’s needed.

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