Winter Solstice Hymn to Helios

O sing of glorious Helios!
Handsome and bronzed son of Hyperion
Who journeys through the dark of the Underworld.
Gaia holds Her breath as the world waits for His return.
Deep below, Hekate leads the way
Torches illuminating the path
Key in hand ready to return Helios’ rays to mankind.

Helios, who saw the abduction of Kore with his all-seeing eyes
Stops to embrace the Daughter of Demeter,
Infusing Her breast with the faintest warmth of the world above and Her mother’s love.
Soon enough it will be time for Persephone to ascend
And with Her return, the world will bloom in joy.

In the crisp stillness of the night
Vigils and prayers
Candles and bonfires
Call up the fiery Titan from below
Hot on the train of Nyx’s splended cosmic gown
Helios is met at the mouth of the Underworld
By His rosy-fingered sister
Who embraces Him and rejoices.

Pulling on the reigns of His ember-fettered steeds,
His golden-yoked chariot soars towards the heavens.
Gaia feels the faintest brush of His warm caress
As Helios, still faintly shrouded in the mists of Haides,
Views both men and deathless gods, with piercing and glowing eyes.

Each day His chairot will pull Him higher,
His crown, splendid and many-rayed, will burn brighter.
Mankind rejoices the return of the Sun
Feasting and drinking as the Wheel turns.
Golden libation and spicy incense
Are offered to bolster Helios gifts and praise His return!

So now ends my song to Helios of the shining vestments –
Nourisher of life, silent watcher, saviour.
Welcoming back light and love to the land and our lives!
Raise your cup to the sky and toast His return.
Hail Hyperionides! Hail Helios!


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