Ritual of the Heptagram: Feedback

Four weeks ago today, I was made aware of the following ritual by Sorita d’Este when she posted it on her Facebook profile and was asking what people thought of that type of ritual and wondered if people would mind trying it out and giving some feedback. For me, this was a type of ritual I had not previously had all that much experience with, however I am always interested in trying new things and this seemed a simple enough start into something different.

I decided that I would carry it out, each day for a week and also to attempt to do it during a corresponding planetary hour on that day. Here are my thoughts and findings.

I started the week on the Sunday, feeling this as a positive and enfigorating day to attempt the ritual. The planetary hour fell in the mid-evening so I got myself settled, lit a candle and some incense and proceeded. Honestly, there was nothing ‘major’ to report but then I was hardly expecting pyrotechnics! My initial unfamiliarity and stumbling a smidge over the vowel intonations also didn’t help but I percevered and perhaps the most notable part of the ritual came towards the end:

“Cross your arms over your chest and say:

There is no part of me that is not of the Gods”

At this point I experienced a warm sensation flooding through my body from my heart-centre. This left me feeling very happy, positive and revived.

During the working week, I allotted to carry out the ritual before work, the corresponding planetary hours falling nicely mostly before the start of my shift. Again I lit a candle and some incense to start and settled myself down before proceeding.

Monday, despite still tripping over the vowels, I was a little more confident in the ritual and the energy felt tingly and ‘clear’, with a sense of mental clarity and focus. I felt ‘energised’ in a similar fashion to how I get during Full Moons. Also that night I conducted a Tarot reading for myself which was very clear and easy for me to interpret – something which is not usually possible when I’m trying to read for myself.

For some reason, I was wary of Tuesday. Mars and Fire energy are intrinsic in my base personality but I have had trouble accessing it adequately without being on the verge of ‘loosing control’ (i.e. being agitated and confrontational when trying to attain confidence and inner strength). However, I clear the doubts from my mind and proceeded anyway. There was definitely a more intense, warming energy and I felt resolute and stronger at the close and I felt like I was ready/needed to achieve something. Also, contrary to my initial concerns, I found it helped me reign in unnecessary confrontational impulses, allowing me a different focus and more ‘tactical’ thinking.

Wednesday helped clear away those mid-week blues. The ritual had a lighter, more airy feeling and I again felt a sense of mental clarity. Beyond that though, nothing major to report.

Thursday was perhaps the biggest ‘non-event’. I felt a little ‘off’ whilst conducting the ritual and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary and no real sense of energy of which to speak of. Given the surrounding circumstances though (re life/work etc) it’s possible I was somewhat preoccupied.

On Friday the energy was warm and vibrant, light and calming. I also had a ‘fresh’ feeling as I had to do the ritual earlier in the morning than on other days due to a work commitment. Cliché as it sounds, I came away from it with a notion of that ‘Friday Feeling’.

Saturday is where it gets slightly interesting, in as much as it never happened. I tried multiple times on the original Saturday, one Saturn Hours on other days and on the following Saturdays to attempt to finish the weekly scope of the ritual and each time something came up or prevented/distracted me.

This was very interesting and peculiar at the same time. However, tonight whilst doing some simple working and worship at my Hekate shrine it dawned on me it was Saturday and so, centring myself I turned East and began.

I was alone in the house and so didn’t hold back with the words of the ritual, the vowel intonations etc and I was surprised at how commanding I sounded and how powerful the words were. There was a ‘head rush’ of energy midway through and at the close I felt giddy and ‘buzzing’. I sat down and stared at the incense smoke obscuring my Hekate Skull effigy and then reached for the Major Arcana of my Rider-Waite deck to draw a card in keeping with the chapter of The Temple of Hekate.

I selected The Hermit. Of all the cards to pick I get the one that – through use of my Mythic Tarot – I link with the figure of Saturn (as Kronos)! The meaning given in ToH accessed the part of me that has been wondering what comes next for me spiritually.

“I call Hekate, bearer of light; shine your torches like a beacon so that I may use it as a point of focus as I contemplate your mysteries.”

I’m quite intrigued…I wonder what will come next…



3 comments on “Ritual of the Heptagram: Feedback

  1. karen higham says:

    thankyou for sharing with us I will endeavour to share mine too

  2. phil says:

    this script was passed to me by my friend Katharina.

  3. sacredbells says:

    This is a wonderful addition to the esoteric spectrum of rituals available and one I am very fond of, these authors really are putting out a fantastic body of material.

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