Hekate’s Key Spread

Tonight I decided to finally get around to testing out a new spread for use with Tarot and other oracular decks which was shared with me with someone on one of the Facebook Hekate pages (and for the life of me I cannot currently find her name to give her credit) but this spread was of her own devising and I decided to use it in conjunction with my Mythic Oracle deck to seek insight into my current career/professional endeavours.

The Hekate's Key Spread

 Tuesday, November 22, 2011 1:05am                  Waning Moon in Libra

1.  The Bow (also called the Handle) – Your goal or journey

Pandora – Hope

This card sums up a number of current and past influences and energies that have been swimming about since I first started looking at my career and trying to focus on professional advancement.

It’s like at the time (now getting on for almost 2 years) I opened Pandora’s Box and unleashed all manner of nasties which have obscured my view and got in my way.

Many time I have been angered and frustrated by things not working out in my favour, but this card signals that that is because I am either not ready or their is a better way/something better.

It gives renewed hope in the face of confusion, frustration and despair. I cannot predict the way things are meant to occur. There’s plenty of new opportunities about but it is becoming clear that I cannot find them in the old ways/place. It might be time to seek out new paths, feelings, ideas and in turn take new risks.

2. The Neck (also called shank or stem) – The path to your goal:

Here it seems I have a new burst of energy with which to address matters and continue on the path to my goals. It’s going to take illumination and clarity to see the opportunities and make the right decisions and yet I cannot be too bogged down with the serious stuff – I have to play and life a little to succeed.

I need to gain perspective of what I truly want. Reflection and possibility. By celebrating life I can access a highly abundant and fruitfulness period.

This is all quite positive sounding which helps me to feel more confident. If I go back over what I want, where I’ve come from and what’s been going wrong with a clear and fresh perspective, I can pick out the best course of action to keep me on track.

3. Collar (also called throat): Qualities & Strengths

Eos – New Beginnings

This card signals for me to listen to my inner voice as well s be guided by the Universe. It’s full of promise of fresh starts, new plans and ideas – frontiers of inspiration!

Unexpected meetings, gifts or invitations may occur. It is the dawn of something new and good – be true and determined.

By being open to the world around me I will see/hear/feel the signs that will direct me. I don’t often give myself a lot of credit and am often told I sell myself short. This card is showing me that a new beginning is ahead and that I already have the qualities and strengths I need at my disposal.

4. The Blade: Skills, knowledge or guidance

Hera – Duty

I see this as a cautionary card. This highlights the nagging doubts within myself as to whether I’m actually on the right path; do I really want what I’ve set out to obtain?

Duty in this card is about duty to the self and one’s personal honour code (ie not for the sake of personal or financial status). It’s addressing the need to be honest with myself and upholding my own values and duty, without the need to satisfy others or conform.

The desire to advance professionally brings into conflict the desire to want to do it partly for personal development against the outcome that a better job and advancement would bring about (one would hope) recognition, responsibility and more money.

It beggars the question, am I really reaching for the right thing?

5. Teeth: When the Key turns, will the Door open?

Odysseus – the Journey

This is a highly positive and energetic card! It’s giving me the signs that I can do what I set out to achieve – but there are challenges.

Temptations, distractions, battles…no hero worth his/her salt would get very far if they balked at the first sign of trouble. That said, I do feel like I’ve been ‘fighting’ and on my journey for quite a while, I’m becoming weary and am uncertain if I’m expending my energies on the right things.

That said, this card is showing that if I retain my heroic nature and stay true to the journey and my heart’s desires that I will succeed.

6. Pin: Final Outcome

Chiron – Healing

This was an interesting last choice and it took me a little thinking before I could see the significance.

My journey to advance professionally has already helped me in some aspects of my emotional healing and personal development, leading to make me a stronger person – and this card hints at healing within the self.

It’s also a card that addresses life balance. Succeeding in my goals would give me a sense of greater self worth, the certain knowledge that I’ve achieved that which I set out to do and the balance would come into my life through my independence and ability to cope with more, day to day.

However, there’s also an aspect of decision in this; I have to make the decision to be that person and in doing so I can more readily inherit and access the inner gifts and wisdom of myself which can only go to help me further on my next journey to obtain the next goal.

All being said, I’m quite intrigued by the outcome of the spread. I know it was originally designed for use with Tarot, but I connect most readily with my Mythic Oracle deck and use it the most often for clear answers. However I will use it with a full Tarot at a later date to see it’s further effectiveness.

This reading has left me feeling quite positive about what I’m doing, where I’m heading and the outcomes. However, I still have to address that nagging doubt and be open and mindful for the signposts the Universe will be putting out there for me. It’s obvious I have to think a little outside the box, push some more boundaries, take a chance or two and stick to my guns without compromising on my personal values.

Stay tuned!

If anyone reading this has any additional info or insight they’d like to share do feel free to comment.


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