Full Moon Musings

This month’s Full Moon was as usual marked by the Covenant of Hekate’s Rite of the Full Moon. At first, I was a little unsure regarding my creative votive offering but over the course of the day leading up to the rite I started doodling and had a preliminary sketch for what I had dubbed “Hekate’s Key”.

I’m not sure if it’s merely a creative/artistic offering, a meditative aid, spiritual tool or future tattoo design! The Key contains lots of symbols from snakes, crescent moons, howling dogs and Hekate’s Wheel so I’m interested to see what it develops into.

During the Rite, I also consecrated the phylactery I made at the New Moon, which I have been wearing since. I also drew a card from the Rider-Waite Tarot in relation to Tara Sanchez’s chapter on using the major arcana in relation to Hekate’s many facets.

Rite of the Full Moon - Hail Hekate!

This time I drew The Sun which was very positive and gave me the clarification that Hekate is still strongly guiding me along and I will leave this card out on my shrine to meditate upon until the next full moon. I also drew a card from the Mythic Oracle for a general insight into the month ahead and selected Aphrodite-Beauty which linked nicely to my recent attempts this last week at improving my lifestyle to try and finally – successfully – loose weight using Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It serves as a reminder to ensure I’m doing it for the right reasons, correctly and – most importantly – for myself.

One thing of note, was that during the rite the myrrh resin that I usually burn didn’t want to know. It didn’t smoulder or smoke and the smell wasn’t very prominent.  Curiously, at least one other person I know experienced a similar occurrence.

I placed my offerings of an apple, pomegranate and garlic on the shrine and poured a libation of mead before closing up the rite.

In other news, I have been musing over a couple of Oracles I have received regarding my spiritual practice/advancement, working on a Hekate ritual to carry out at Samhain, looking at taking up yoga and still having my Flaming Thyrsos tattoo designed.


2 comments on “Full Moon Musings

  1. Tamilia says:

    Sounds like a very helpful and revealing full moon rite. Also, your talk of tattoos caught my attention. They can be such powerful symbols of devotion. Best of luck in designing a piece that speaks to both you and Hekate!

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