Prometheus Inbound

Ever since my investigation of the meaning and use behind the Flaming Thyrsos, the nods towards the Titan Prometheus have been growing. Not merely content with popping up in the divinations surrounding the symbol, I began to wonder if perhaps He was trying to get my attention for something else.

So, I went back to the cards – the Mythic Oracle to be precise, as this is both my favourite deck and one I feel very connected too (after all, I had the image of the Dionysos card tattooed on me). I tried out a 5-card spread that would shed light on a question/situation.

Once the cards were selected, I turned over the first card which was to represent the overall theme/situation. I laughed out loud when Prometheus was staring me right in the face! Interestingly, He was paired with 2 fellow Titans – Rhea and Kronos – along with Iris and Poseidon; giving a reading that pointed towards a balance and harmony, as well as natural cycles.

To follow this up, I wrote down 5 questions regarding Prometheus’ interest in me/desire to get my attention and a similar theme presented itself, including Themis/Natural Order. The overall gist though was that Prometheus wanted attention from me.

That afternoon, whilst musing on how best to act on this revelation I found myself staring at a shelf that housed a generic Greek male statuette. Before I knew it I was sitting at the table with an assortment of paints and brushes and set to work on transforming the “plain” figure. A matter of hours later and I sat with an image of Prometheus looking back at me.

I painted his hair black, with a greying beard; draped in a deep blue robe standing on a rock. I also added an incision to his abdomen as a distinguishing feature, to represent where the eagle would devour his liver each day. Later that day I also remembered I had been giving a rather chunky, silver chain by a friend. When I picked it up, I instantly thought of the shackles that held Prometheus to Mt. Caucasus. Experimenting, I couldn’t decide whether to have Him bound in the chain or to have them lying before him, symbolising his release at the hands of Herakles.

And so I have a sacred icon of Prometheus to make central on some sort of shrine. I think I will keep it relatively simple and just offer libations and incense as well as the fire of the candle, for we wouldn’t have the gift of fire if not for his actions and subsequent sacrifice on our behalf.

My personal customised Prometheus statuette, chain and card from the Mythic Oracle depicting the fire-stealing Titan.

My exploration into his original worship and looking for those who actively worship him today hasn’t turned up much. That said it leaves me relatively free to follow my instincts in relation to a Hellenic framework and what I do know about Prometheus.

Further musing has also made me realise that the nature of the deities closest to me are outsiders in some way or another.  Both Hekate and Dionysos are liminal; they move between realms, exist within and without. They deal with the things most of the other Gods don’t seem particularly comfortable with; they’re personable, passionate, requiring us to look at ourselves and gain greater understanding of that which is hidden and within as well as our darker aspects.

Prometheus is the rebel. Another outsider, he threw his lot in with us: mortal man – his own (by some accounts) creation. Everything he does, he does for us, a beneficent father. He gave us the food from the Gods’ mouths, laying the foundations for all future sacrifice and he gave us fire, which in its own right – even by our modern understanding – is a gift of the Gods itself. With it we were taught how to cook food, keep warm, protect ourselves, smelt metals and work other material; the fires of invention, of passion, of will.

It is also reflecting my own innate qualities. I am a fire sign (Aries) and my birth chart mentioned that alignments and such at the time of my birth created a triple amplification of my fire qualities, making me in affect a Promethean Child. Also, though I’m not alone in this, fire is my favourite element. It is mesmerising, cleansing, transformative amongst other things and should be venerated as well as respected for we all know the capabilities of this element if mistreated or misused.

I cannot say whether this new relationship will be a long-standing one, as I have experienced the fleeting natures of certain deities in the past; all of which I am grateful to for their gifts and blessings. However, I am interested to see where this new route of worship takes me. I already know that the Flaming Thyrsos is my tool to connect further with both Hekate and Dionysos and it is wreathed in Prometheus’ gift to mankind.

 “Trickster, rebel, theif of fire, master of information and friend of mankind.”

~’Prometheus’ by Carol Dougherty


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